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  • $38.23 World’s Single Most Expensive Fast Food Burger | “Vigenuple Jumbo Jack”

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    I have fondly named him “The Kraken.”
    - Order one (1)
    - Single-stacked, freestanding burger
    - That is over $20.00.
    - From a major fast food chain.
    (I chose Jack in the Box because, having worked there before, I knew & tearfully appreciated how they honor American individualism by making exactly what you order. Plus the people there are super-nice folks.)

    20 patties later (a “Vigenuple Jumbo Jack”), several orders of bacon, every single cheese, a Wampa-amount of other add-ons, and an antenna ball topper (does not count towards the total) we get a humble Jumbo Jack that is exactly 9,044 calories and 12.5 inches of cardiac-stimulating magic.

    And yes, I will eat the whole thing… eventually.

    Here’s a photo of the entire monster:
    Here’s another more juicy photo of the wizardry:
    Here’s a photo of the receipt:

    And here’s my lovely fan page where I frequently post interesting things that is worthy of your pleasure:

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