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  • 3 Male African Lions attack Male Buffalo Herd: The Wild Life by the Sharpys, Africa 4

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    In rarely seen animal behavior in Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve and Kruger National Park, South Africa, three independent male African Lions team-up to hunt their rival buffalo. Also rare is that the buffalo herd is all ex-dominant males that have been overthrown by the next generation, and are banding together for their survival. You can see other males in the herd mounting the wounded buffalo and licking his wounds to show respect and affection before he falls to the lions. This lion attack in broad daylight is also unlikely as the lions generally user their superior night vision to hunt at night. Cautious but persistent, the lions took down the wounded buffalo the next morning. To help save big cats, go to All African music used by permission of Daniel Ryman, AudioEmmisary Records, copyright, 1996 to 2013. International Reggae System also featured on the Soundtrack. All video and photographs property of Brian and Krista Sharp.

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