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  • 25 Of The Most Bizarre And Unique Finds On Google Earth

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    From capsized ships and stampeding elephants to wedding proposals and guitar shaped forests these are 25 of the most bizarre and unique finds on Google Earth.

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    Here’s a preview:

    A herd of buffalo in Tanzania
    The Firefox logo in Oregon
    A guitar shaped forest in Argentina
    The biggest pool on Earth in Chile
    A car laying on its side in Germany
    A car on a wall in the Netherlands
    A fighter jet in a parking lot in France
    A whole bunch of jets in the desert of Arizona
    Some random runways also in the desert of Arizona
    Ayers rock (the biggest rock Earth) in the middle of Australia
    A pool full of hippos in Tanzania
    Lips in the desert of Sudan
    The bat symbol in Japan
    An ancient fish trap off the coast of Wales
    An insanely red lake in Iraq
    A view of the Eiffel Tower from above
    A lake shaped like a man in Brazil
    A huge thumbprint in Great Britain
    Colonel Sanders in Nevada
    A Bolivian ferry shipwrecked off the coast of Sudan
    A capsized South Korean cruise liner
    A herd of elephants in Chad
    A mashup of satellite imagery making these Houston skyscrapers lean
    Hills that look like a face in Alberta, Canada
    A wedding proposal

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