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  • 2056cc Type 4 (1973 914 Porsche 2.0L) Motor.

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    2L 1973 Porsche 914 motor converted to fit in a 1962 VW Beetle. This motor started off as a stock 1971cc (71mm x 94mm) 914 motor. I tore it apart, and replaced just about every component, except for the crank and connecting rods! Everything else on the motor is new. Here are some quick specs.

    2056cc (71mm x 96mm) GA 914 Block.
    Stock crank and rods
    Scat C35 Camshaft
    Lube-a-lobe solid lifters
    96mm high compression (9.0:1) piston/cylinder kit
    2L Porsche 914 3-intake stud heads (42mm intakes x 36mm exhaust)
    High rev springs, chromoly retainers and keepers
    Chromoly pushrods
    Dual Weber 44mm IDF carb kit
    CB performance Magnaspark II ignition kit
    4-1 merged header with dual quiet pack mufflers.
    DTM upright cooling kit.
    Kennedy Flywheel and stage 1 clutch/pressure plate.

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