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  • 2014 Carnival Queen Brazil Reina del Carnaval Rio de Janeiro Leticia Brasil

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    The 2014 Rio de Janeiro Queen of Carnival has officially been selected, and thus the Carnival season: Letícia Guimaraes made it!

    On November 8th, Rio de Janeiro oficial toursim body, RIOTUR, has selected the 2014 Queen of Carnival for the next season in a tough competition. The presentation had 8 candidates who had to respond questions from a qualified jury, and later they had a little more than one and half minute to show their samba dance routine.

    The following candidates where the 8 final Queen of Carnival contestants, and they performed on this order:

    1) Leticia Guimaraes ( Selected for Queen of Carnival 2014 – Eleita Rainha do Carnaval)
    2) Camila Macedo – Physical Education Teacher, 29 years old
    3) Gracieli Chaveirinho, 31 years ( Elected 2nd Princess of Rio Carnival )
    4) Luciana Conceição, Professional Samba Dancer
    5) Carla Peixoto , 31 years, Athlete, Dentistry Student
    6) Flávia Gaudêncio, 27 yrs, samba dancer, passista,
    7) Nayra Elen, 18 years old, Stundent and Passista for Beija Flor Samba School
    8) Clara Cristina Paixão ( Elected 1st Princess – 1ra Princesa )

    The jury panel was composed by a mix of Carnival and samba specialists, journalists, and Directors of the Tourism organizations in Rio de Janeiro: Luis Gustavo Mostof, Selminha Sorriso ( all time Flag Bearer Winner of Beija Flor ) Felipe Campelo , Lorena Comparato, Sidney Rezende, Aydano André, Nando Cunha, Livia Moraes, and José Carlos Sá.

    Follows below the prizes that were awared to the winners:

    The winner (Queen of the Carnival) will receive a prize of R$ 20,000. The 1st and 2nd Rio Carnival Princesses, who also make up the court, also receive a prize of R$ 15,000 .each.

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