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  • 200,000 Dominoes – The Circus – CDT 2012 (HD)

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    After one year of planning, 3 weeks of preparation and one week of setting up the Cologne Domino Team (22 people from Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland) proudly presents its fifth and surely most awesome event!
    Enjoy 200,000 dominoes falling down, performing magic tricks and all kinds of other cool, circus-related stuff.

    Niclas Thumm
    Simon Stümke
    Thomas Schäfer
    Alexander Gwosdz

    Jonathan Bahr
    Alexander Baron
    Alexander Dings
    Tobias Demuth
    Sebastian Frey
    Adriana Gerick
    Matthias Heinzelmann
    Marcel Kamps
    Kaspar Laaser
    Raphael Mall
    Davy van Megen
    Tobias Nelles
    Fabian Raspel
    Timo Schäfers
    Nils Schlichting
    Johanna Schultz
    Alexander Stumpf
    Tim Weißker
    Fabian Wiesbrock

    Thanks for reading ;)

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