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  • 1º filme nos a Açores 23-11-1943 (Ilha Terceira)

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    1º filme nos a Açores 23-11-1943 (Ilha Terceira)
    Inicio da zona militar (atualmente americana) nas Lajes.

    “”Azores, North Atlantic, Portugal.

    Various shots of British warships off the Azores. Long shots of the small ships taking the men ashore from warships. Close up shot of a map showing position of Azores. Union Jack flying. Pan to main town of Azores. Various shots of the supplies arriving at the small harbour, bren gun carriers, lorries oil, etc. R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) and Naval officers talking with Portuguese official. Various shots of the military personnel together with Portuguese workers busy building airfield. They use bulldozers and excavators. RAF B.17 bomber landing. Various shots of the soldiers eating at open air cookhouse. A casualty in the airfield erection is carried on a stretcher into the local hospital. Various shots of the Portuguese women helping our men with their washing. Several shots of the two Dakotas arriving, one bringing Air Commodore Brackley, the other Air Commodore Powell. The meeting means a link with east and west in mid-Atlantic. Several long shots, some aerial, of airfield. “”

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