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  • 19th Feb 13 – Rabbit Hunt #1 – 4 kills with the AT44-10 .22 Sub 12ft/lb

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    After all the bad weather we’ve had recently, I just had to book today off work. This permission is over-run with rabbits, and it’s my duty to remove as many as possible.

    1. 45 Yards directly into a light breeze. This was a long stalk, around 25 minutes or so. Thankfully he was more concerned about getting his fill.
    2. 30 Yards, only a very young rabbit but all the same in a farmers eyes. This was a standing shot, leaning against a gate post.
    3. 44 Yards, another standing shot, leaning against a gate support post. Incredibly awkward shot with a camera attached as the rifle can’t be shouldered. Slight decline and downwind. Apologies for the poor white balance but I was being pestered by a golden retriever at the time.
    4. 50 yards. I can only assume it was a ‘flier’ as the pellet sailed over his head and missed completely. I originally thought that I had wounded him, and immediately followed up with a good solid shot.

    Hatsan AT44-10 .22
    Nikko Gameking 4-16×50 AO PX
    Deben 9-13″ Bipod
    Hawke LRF 400 Laser Range finder

    Recorded with a Casio EX-ZR300 at 250fps

    All pests were shot by myself, a local and licensed shooter (we require a license for Sub 12ft/lb rifles)

    Music available at

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