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  • 19 SONG MASHUP (2013 Summer Pop Medley) by Eric Thayne, Mimi Knowles, & Amber Lynn

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    Hope you guys love this 19 song mashup (2013 summer pop medley) that I did with the amazing Mimi Knowles and Amber Lynn. These guys are awesome! Definitely check them out at the links below!


    Amber Lynn:

    Cameron Gade filmed this video! His work is awesome! Check out his channel:

    Styling by Tara Brooke:

    Also, big thanks to Suzanne Whitehead and Allison Taylor for their help and support in making this video!

    Cover arranged by: Eric Thayne & Suzanne Whitehead
    Music produced by: Eric Thayne
    Video directed by: Eric Thayne
    Filmed by: Cameron Gade
    Edited by: Eric Thayne & Cameron Gade

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