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  • 17 Miriam & Rebecca (cc) – 10 March 2011

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    No spoilers! To watch with subtitles, press the small button (cc or two lines) under the video.

    This is not much, but it’s by request and for all of you who are still hoping.
    Nico’s about to get married to Philipp, who’s in jail for killing is ex-wife (of course he claims to be innocent). Rebecca helps her to get ready for the ceremony and talks about getting married herself.
    At No Limits, Miriam and Rebecca look into each other’s eyes for the first time in two months. Don’t blink at around 3:30, you might miss it! ;)

    English subtitles: MiriBecca

    Link for this episode with embedded English subtitles:

    Playlist of all MiriBecca videos in HD with closed captions:
    Playlist of all MiriBecca videos with embedded English subtitles:

    Show: Verbotene Liebe / Forbidden Love (German soap)
    Folge / Episode 3796 – 10.03.2011
    All rights belong to DasErste and Grundy/Ufa.

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