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  • 12 Unwritten Social Rules You Need to Follow

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    I can’t downplay the importance of these rules. 
    Based on this post by Dave Stopera

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Law and Social Controls (1949)/Prelinger Archives

    overcrowded elevator
    Everett Collection/

    Portrait of a grocery store clkerk or owner in front of a vegetable counter
    Tyler Olson/

    Film Footage Courtsey of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission

    Meat by K. Reynolds

    Gum by K. Reynolds

    Thursday Evening 

    thursday evening

    Bad Parking By Toyota Prado!

    Bad Parking By Toyota Prado!

    Hug Me

    hug me

    Happy friends Hugging

    Happy Friends Hugging

    75/365 Hugs are Healing

    75/365 Hugs are Healing

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