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  • 1001 Movies You Must See (Before You Die)

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    **If anyone would like a DVD of this and the other supercuts please visit this link ( for more information**

    Based on Steven Jay Schneider’s incredible book series, this video contains 215 extra titles as well.

    This epic little monster took me one year to the date to finish. I tried my best to make it an overpowering exercise in film. In another 130 years, this will be a completely different list. It was important to start with a film projector because film itself is becoming/already is a thing of the past.

    This is made for lovers of cinema. All of them. Some appreciate it, some don’t, others feel I have personally plotted against them in a vicious attack. It’s okay, I understand that emotion, I feel the exact same way every time I see David O. Russell or Shia LaBeouf. But that’s the fun of movie geeks. We’re a spectacular breed who can fuel energy just from the excitement of our favorite director announcing a project we won’t even see for 2 years. We take it personally when you remake “Old Boy” and we jump out of our seats like our team won the Superbowl, when the Academy actually acknowledges something worthy of an award. This is a community like no other and I cherish every pro and con about it.

    Now…The List! As stated this list does come from the book series titled “1,001 Movies You Must See (Before You Die)”. You can find the list in those books (specifically the 2011 release). And what about the extra 215? There’s actually, most likely more than 215. I stopped counting about half way through the Morricone segment. True, there is so much to work with when you have 1,001 titles, but try keeping the rhythm and the pace strong when you have to go from “Shoah” to “Ordinary People”. It gets difficult. I do it because I believe it to be a celebration of movies and I treated this one no differently. I’m not making a grand commentary on “Transformers”, “Prometheus” or “Sucker Punch”, as many think that’s all this is. I actually have never seen “Transformers” or “Sucker Punch”. I used them because the color/action/theme I felt worked with their additions. I wanted to keep continuity in movements and action as well. Let me be clear, I personally believe that you can reach the end of your life and feel good about it, having never seen “Transformers” or “Sucker Punch”.

    My favorite comment thus far was made on, where the user said: “You Absolutely Must See We Are The Millers Before You Die”. That segment in particular I really wanted to sex up. I tried to abide by Larry Clark’s rule of “For every Penis, I show a Vagina” (as he admitted during press for “Ken Park”), but for the YouTube release, it didn’t quite work like that. It hurts me to admit that there are quite a few penises that just did not make the cut on YouTube, but I am doing my best, for those who I can not supply a DVD to, to upload the uncensored version elsewhere. It kills me to watch this with the censor bars.

    The fun of making a video like this, where its only life is pretty much on the internet, is you can do things those montages during the Oscars or Blu Ray promos can’t. You can swear, you can flash, you can have blood shoot out of walls and necks. I in no way want any of these to be confused with something you’d see at the MTV Movie Awards, which is why (like filmmakers at HBO) I take advantage of using the “uncouth”.

    To those who have enjoyed these and gotten these in front of many sets of eyes, I thank you personally and dearly. Time and time again we hear from our peers, “Hey! I had to stop watching that movie you lent me! It was soooooo boring!”, or “It’s subtitled? Nah…I’ll watch it later”. It’s been an honor sharing these with true movie fanatics and speaking in deliberate movie talk with perfect strangers/new acquaintances. Drawing up massive posts in the comment sections that turn into literal pages of intelligent (and some not so intelligent) movie debates, that I can’t get into with some of my best friends. So for that, which is all I ever really wanted out of these, thank you again. And thank you for appreciating cinema for what it is, because those of us that do are running out.

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