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  • 100,000 Dominoes (Guinness World Record – Tallest Domino Structure)

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    100,000 Dominoes (Guinness World Record – Tallest Domino Structure)

    Hey everyone!
    We are an Austrian domino group and we set up chain reactions since 2008. Over the years we improved our skills, so also check out our other videos.
    In this video you can see another domino toppling from us:

    In November 2013 we built up 100,000 dominoes under the theme “Lower Austria” together with 50 students of the HLUW Yspertal.
    After 4 days of setup and 5 month of preperations 100,080 of 100,101 dominoes (99,98%) toppled!

    We set up different famous buildings of Lower Austria and an official Guinness World Record: The Tallest Domino Structure with a height of 6.029 m and 11,465 dominoes!

    Of course, some fails happened, but we built safety gaps to prevent bigger fails.

    Special thanks to our sponsors:
    Raiffeisenbank Region Melk and Stift Zwettl

    For more informations check out our homepage.

    Feel free to leave a comment below, we are looking forward to read your feedback. If you don’t want to miss anything, we can highly recommend a subscription to you :)


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