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  • 10 Kites You’ve Never Seen Before

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    10 Kites You’ve Never Seen Before

    Tsan-Huang Feng’s Youtube Channel:

    10. Cow Kite
    The last time you probably saw a cow fly was in the movie Twister, but with this cow kite you are in full control. Whether it’s just enjoying a day out flying a kite or pranking people at a park this cow kite won’t disappoint.

    9. Red Skeleton Kite
    I bet you haven’t seen skeleton kite, let alone a red skeleton kite. All of these kites on this list were designed by kitemaker, Tsan-Huang Feng in Taiwan. Tsan-Huang Feng started his kite business back in 1987. By 1991 he had multiple patents on kites including multi-function kite, and four wire control technology kite patents.

    8. Horse Kite
    An example of this is his Horse kite. Is it just me or do these flying horse kites remind you of flying mounts in world of warcraft. Those soft wobbly legs really get me.

    7. Goldfish Kite
    In 1994 he began promoting his business and in 1995 he started teach stunt kite flying. You’d definitely need stunt kite flying skills to control this gigantic goldfish kite.

    6. Chinese Lions Kite
    The next year he won the National Center Cup kite race and was invited to Korea for their National Kite Competition which he also won. As you can see there are a variety of speeds of kites from that big slow goldfish this these incredibly fast chinese dragons.

    5. Chinese Dragon / Octopus Kite
    Two years later he created a world record dragon kite at 1080 meters long or 3500 feet. I can’t even imagine how you’d control this thing let alone keep it in the sky. Same goes for this Octopus kite.

    4. Face Kite
    Speaking of difficulty controlling kites, this face kite takes the cake. You can see his multi fuction, for wire control technology patents in full effect on this weird floating face kite.

    3. Unicycle Kite
    Since the early 2000’s Feng has planned and organized many festivals, done interviews and been apart of different organizations. For those of you a little perplexed by the kite flying, it’s actually quite popular in asia. Taipei holds an annual festival the brings in over 50,000 over 2 days to fly kites.

    2. Boy and Girl Bike Kite
    These Unicycle, bicycle kites have become Feng’s claim to fame. This unique design is so prevalent in the sky and astonishingly stays afloat despite having no tail. The unique pedal design keeps the legs moving and the gears spinning which is a real crowd pleaser.

    1. Crane Bike Kite
    The most unique kite of them all is this crane riding a bike. Such a weird design with brilliant execution. It’s highly visible in the sky and seems to draw the most attention. Just pray he doesn’t get a flat tire..

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