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    1 year on Testosterone. WOW. What an amazing and remarkable year. It was unforgettable and I am so thankful to everyone who has stuck by my side through all I have endured this past year-both the good, and bad. I have not only become complete as becoming my individual self inside and out, but I have realized who my true friends are and who truly is genuine. I have met some amazing new people that have become close, basically family and I am blessed. I am now engaged to my wonderful Fiance Kelsey, and can honestly say that I am on my way down the right path to ultimate happiness and success. It takes courage to travel through this journey, to face it head on, to no longer avoid what is so special- that of which you are. I am now seen as a son, a brother, nephew, their “boy” and a Fiance soon to be husband. I uploaded this video to show everyone how far I have come and where I continue to go. Everyone has a past and I am not ashamed for I always knew who I was. Thank you so much youtube, and to all of my subscribers and guys on here in our community who have watched my videos, helped me out tremendously with their own transitions that they shared, and have come together to learn from each other. I love you all.

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