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    NSO 講座「古老、傳統又現代的中國樂器~笙」


    笙聲不息 The Power of Sheng
    國家音樂廳 National Concert Hall, Taipei

    400 600 800 1000 1200 1500 兩廳院售票系統02-3393-9888

    This concert brings adventure galore. The program opens with Stravinsky’s early Fireworks, a riot of glistening, sparkling effects and sensuous harmonies. Next comes Shyh-Ji Pan’s Huang Zui Capriccio , a nature piece evoking the sounds of birds, insects and other natural phenomena in the Huang Zui hot spring area. This is followed by a work featuring the sheng, a reed instrument of the mouth organ family whose history goes back some three thousand years. The Color Yellow by Chinese-born Huang Ruo blends European and Chinese music into what the Märkische Allgemeiner called ”a sea of strange sounds.” From Europe we hear two works by the Frenchman Maurice Ravel: the littleknown gem Une Barque sur l’océan , with its seductive Impressionist waves of sound, and the virtuosic Alborada del gracioso, a brilliant evocation of Spain full of coloristic detail, percussive effects and pyrotechnical displays. And finally, another work featuring the sheng, this time from Korea’s most prominent living composer, Unsuk Chin. Its title, Šu, is derived from Egyptian mythology, in which it represents a symbol for air.

    指揮/簡文彬(CHIEN Wen-pin, conductor) 笙/吳巍 (WU Wei, sheng)
    IGOR STRAVINSKY: Feu d’artifice , Op. 4
    SHYH-JI PAN: Huang Zui Capriccio (World Premiere)
    HUANG RUO: The Color Yellow, Concerto for Sheng and Chamber Orchestra
    M. RAVEL: Une Barque sur l’océan, Alborada del gracioso
    UNSUK CHIN: Šu, Concerto for Sheng and Orchestra

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