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  • 津波直後の大洗港・空撮[震災当日]

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    Oarai Port just after the Tsunami, aerial shot (Day of the earthquake)
    The Japanese text is followed by an English translation.
    津波に襲われた直後の大洗町(震災当日 : 午後5時すぎ)。ヘリからの空撮映像。

    [ヘリからの機上レポートは、フジテレビ 島田彩夏 アナウンサー]

    Oarai town just after the Tsunami attack. (Day of the earthquake: After 5 p.m.) Areas around Oarai Port were recorded from an aerial shot by helicopter. One can observe the sea water slowly going upstream to inland, about 1km from the port up prefectural road #106. Areas around the port have been flooded and small boats scatter around the marina’s boat anchorage area. Looking offshore from the beach area, a number of large whirlpools have formed, creating a white bubbly surface on the water. There are boats that could be swallowed by the whirlpool any minute, floating between irregular waves. Near the ferry terminal, many containers scatter like debris. Around the fish market, smaller fishing boats and other boats have been overturned or driven up the wharf. Along prefectural road #2, many trucks have been abandoned on the road, and scattered cargo can be witnessed around them. At half past five, the whirlpool on top the sea water has finally disappeared.

    (Reporting from helicopter by Fuji TV reporter Ayaka Shimada)

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