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  • 台北電影節【舞出新生活】中文字幕預告 Neukölln Unlimited trailer

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    導演: 亞果史汀諾‧伊孟帝Agostino IMONDI, 迪特馬‧洛斯曲Dietmar RATSCH

    國家: Germany

    年代: 2010

    片長: 96 min

    The Lebanese siblings Hassan, Lial and Maradona are successful dancers and musicians living in Berlin’s notorious district Neukölln. The three have a problem: their family is in danger of being deported out of Germany. Determined to keep the family united, they plan to earn enough money and secure the family’s future with their talents. But the pressure has its toll on the siblings.

    放映日期:6/26(六) 12.40 @ 新光影城三廳、7/05(一) 18.00 @ 新光影城三廳
    、7/09(五) 18.00 @ 新光影城三廳

    ※ 2010台北電影節獨家中文字幕製作 ※

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