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  • 千葉県旭市 走行中の車を襲った津波【視聴者提供映像】

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    Tsunami attacking moving car in Asahi city, Chiba prefecture (Footage provided by viewer) The Japanese text is followed by an English translation.
    同市・横根地区付近を走行する乗用車。 地震直後ということもあってか、車窓から路上に停止している消防車や、集まった住民の姿も確認できる。
    しばらく400~500メートルほど平然と走行し、下永井地区の付近で、左方向への大きなカーブを曲がった直後に事態は急変する。 右手の海岸線から白波が見えたのもつかの間、防波堤に激しく大きな波しぶきが砕け散り、走行中の道路へと一気に押し寄せてきた。
    あっという間に、大波によって車は動けなくなり、フロントガラスが洗われ、視界も遮られる。 間髪もなく、次の波しぶきが車を直撃すると、車はそのまま、道路左手の民宿建屋に激突せんがまで流されてしまう。
    波のなすがままに、水面に揺れ動いている様子の車。 水滴が覆うフロントガラスからは、自販機や無数の浮遊物が目前に漂っている光景が映し出される。 次第に波が引き、浮遊物の多くが海岸方向へと流れていくが、大きな自販機だけは残され、そのまま車の前に横たわっていた。

    Footage: Capture of the tsunami by a resident with an in-vehicle camera heading to his home in Choshi city following the occurrence of the earthquake. (*Footage does not include audio) The tsunami hit the moving vehicle directly on Prefectural Road 30 (Kujukuri Beach Line) in Asahi city, Chiba prefecture.

    The passenger car drives through Yokone district of the same city. Due to the earthquake occurrence moments ago, a fire truck parked on the side of the road and a group of citizens gathering together can be confirmed from the car window. The situation takes a sudden turn just after the car has calmly traveled for about 400-500 meters and turns left at a large curve near Shimonagai district. For a flash second, white crested waves are seen on the coastline to the right. Then, a great wave violently smashes against the breakwater and gushes at once to the road the car was driving on. The car loses control to the great wave instantly, its windshield washed with water, obstructing visibility. In no time, the next wave splashes against the car and washes it away to the left side of the road nearly crashing it into the guesthouse building. The car becomes afloat on the water surface, at the mercy of the waves. Drops of water cover the windshield, and a countless number of floating objects such as a vending machine are visible through the glass.
    The wave gradually washes away, taking on the floating objects to sea except for the large vending machine that remains stretched out in front of the car. The driver of this car quickly escaped after the waves pulled away and ran to a nearby neighborhood for help. Later, he was able to return home safely.

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