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  • 【serena】 Here I Go (Despair of an Alto) – Frozen “Let It Go” Parody

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    In this song, I vent my rage at Disney songwriters and how there are never any tomboyish princesses with sexy low ranges, god dammit! (please be aware of explicit lyrics)


    Edit: THIS IS AVAILABLE IN EVERY COUNTRY!! Just not on mobile. I can’t change the settings, I think it’s something to do with copyright, so sadly you’ll just have to find a pc to watch/listen on or just download the mp3 to your phone. Sorry about that!
    Does this count as hopping on the bandwagon? AM I COOL NOW?? Hahaha no pun intended. So I love this song, obviously, but I am so mad that every Disney song I adore is way out of my range. Apparently it is a qualification every Disney princess holds to be a mezzo/soprano. Screw those princesses! (no i’m just really mad you don’t understand //sobs softly)

    Regardless of all that, hey look, two uploads in three days! Does that make up for my December lull? = v= I hope you enjoy this, regardless of ugly head voice and frustrated yelling (which, in fairness, help to get my point across). Have fun!


    Feel free to share in my despair and do your own cover – just be sure to credit me for my lyrics!

    These songs always start out just fine
    Not a high note to be heard
    You think that you’re gonna sound good
    But trust me, this is just the verse..

    You’ve got the power behind low notes most girls can’t
    Pull off so well, heavens know they try…

    But don’t get over-confident
    You know how damn Disney songs wind up
    They open low and finish high
    Oh god, it’s getting high

    Oh wait, it’s okay
    The piano plays away
    I can use my soft
    Head voice for this part
    I don’t sound as bad as I thought
    Let the song roll on…
    My range never bothered me anyway

    It’s funny how I’m thinking
    It surely ain’t that hard
    And though I used to be self-conscious
    It’s not the case anymore!

    It’s time to see what I can do
    No limitations, let’s hope this doesn’t fall through
    It’s clearly not impossible
    Screw it!

    Here I go, an alto
    Tryna sing these notes so high
    But although I didn’t know
    Shit, why did I give this a try?
    Fuck, I’m back in this crappy head voice!
    Please can I stop now?

    Oh no, it’s come to the bridge, that can’t be good news
    It’s getting about as high as I can go, dear god, whose
    Idea was it to even let me attempt this?
    I’m straining so damn hard, I’m fucked from here on out!

    Fuck this shit, so done with it
    These are notes I just can’t hit
    Before my throat goes dry
    My voice will crack and then I’ll cry
    I can’t do this Disney bullshit
    Fuck you all, I quit!
    My range never bothered me anyway…

    (just kidding fuck you all)

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