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  • ☜✔100% Pure Awesome People ~ Extreme Sports Action & POV (10:00) HD 2013

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    This is CRAZY fast, POV dangerous and 100% Awesome! THESE people are amazing! #See the new 2nd ‘Awesome’ edition in video responses!
    ~Awesome Song: ‘Blinding Night’ by TIMESOUNDER Techno TMP ~
    (*Copyright for music has TIMESOUNDER TMP*)
    #!~If we have used your original video & you would like a link to your channel added to this description just drop us a message~#!
    (Awesome people use GoPro Cameras!)
    Glide Cam:
    (Awesome people use Glide Cam!)
    0:00 Monster Energy
    0:27 Freeskier Phil Meier Profile (Red Bull) (Phil Meier)
    0:31 World’s widest slip and slide (Devin Supertramp)
    1:22 Ben Brown: Kayaking around the world with my GoPro
    1:36 . . . Like There’s No Tomorrow Official Trailer (Warren Miller Entertainment)
    1:37 The Art of FLIGHT – snowboarding film trailer w/Travis Rice (Red Bull)
    1:49 Freeskier Phil Meier Profile (Red Bull)
    2:03 GoPro HD: Avalanche Cliff Jump with Matthias Giraud
    2:17 Human Slingshot Slip and Slide – Vooray (Devin Supertramp)
    2:29 World’s widest slip and slide (Devin Supertramp)
    2:30 Worlds Largest Rope Swing (Devin Supertramp)
    2:44 Water Jet Pack: Get High with Jetlev! (Devin Supertramp)
    3:30 WINGSUIT RACING – Human Flight at 140mph! (Devin Supertramp)
    4:37 Salt Boarding- Blank Snowboards (Devin Supertramp)
    6:03 Jeb Corliss – China’s Tianmen Mountain
    7:26 GoPro HD Hero – Best of…
    7:39 Jeb Corliss ~ Wingsuit Through Waterfall (GoPro/Jeb Corliss!)
    7:53 Red Bull & Levi LaVallee ~ World Record Snowmobile jump!
    8:20 Base Jumping POV ! Drift Innovation
    8:41Alexander Polli ~ Human Flight Athlete
    8:54 Andy Hurdam ~ Team Hydrus ~ UpDown Productions
    9:29 Alexander Polli ~ Human Flight Athlete

    ***We are working very hard to acknowledge all original videos! If you are one of these awesome people or you know any of these awesome people then please comment and let us know*** Thank you

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