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  • ▀▄▀ FAST Chopped Top Pete & Spread Axle Reefer. OVER 200 MPH!!! 18 WOS.

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    Here’s another Custom Modded Chopped Top Pete 379 stretched frame & spread axle reefer with custom built everything. TParts include a 10000 hp Cat Diesel engine, 24 Speed Fuller trans, Big Stack Exhaust, Alcoa rims on truck and trailer (super single on truck drives & trailer), TurboWing on hood and roof and many other modifications. This truck was created based on the real truck that was custom built by Elizabeth Truck Center Staten Island, New York seen here: & here:
    My truck is alot faster than the real one and it will easily run over 200 mph LOADED and going UP a hill. It is very difficult to drive and easy to wreck. I made a 4000 psi set of custom brakes for this truck and it’s now easier to stop. If you’ve watched my previous videos of these Petes then I’m sure that you can tell that the outrageous torque and horsepower that my custom built CAT engines put out makes these trucks very hard to stop. MUST WATCH IN HD ✌
    See all my mods here:

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