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  • जादुई उपहार || New Hindi Kahaniya | SSOFTOONS Hindi | Moral Stories in Hindi For Children

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    Story Name : जादुई उपहार / भोला और सात भूत / Saat bhoot ki kahani / Bhola and seven ghosts
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    Author : Upendrakishore Roy chowdhury.
    Category : Baccho ki kahani / Fairy tales in Hindi
    Yeh hai hindi kahani baccho ki.

    Audience : Mainly Kids but suitable for all who loves fairy tales.

    This story is based on the good kid, named Vola.
    Who gets the gifts namely Majic pot and a magical goat, from the seven ghosts and his friend theft those. Then by the help of magical stick, another magical gift of the seven ghosts, he punished his greedy friend and serve his kingdom.
    It is a comedy based moral story for all the kids.

    We have placed this cartoon under the name of Baccho ki kahaniya

    Dakshinaranjan Mitro Mazumder : He was collected the commonly told Bengali fairy tales and wrote those stories in the name of Thakurmar jhuli.