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  • الاعتداء واطلاق النار على مروان القسوس: شاهد كيف حدث

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    Marwan’s Case:
    Corruption is not only financial. Corruption comes in many forms and it should be fought at the grass roots. The use of public office to gain personal benefits or special treatment to get away with crimes punishable by law is corruption and those who help in the cover-up are also corrupt.

    This footage shows the details and actual sequence of events for the shooting incident of Marwan Qusus, the owner of Kanabaye on the Third Circle in Amman-Jordan on 1-Feb-2008 by a drunk Citadel University graduate. Marwan was shot four times in front of his restaurant after the shooter’s cousin claimed that his jacket was lost in the restaurant. The rest of the story and the outcome is explained in this footage due to intended fabrication, cover-up and lack of media coverage due to media controls.

    The shooter claimed that he shot Marwan in self defense and got away with it. Was that fair? Are all Jordanians equal under the law and how could the country advance with such cases?
    Still waiting for justice to be served and sooner or later it should.

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