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  • اغتصاب واهانة عراقيه مسلمه .. تصوير امريكي SAMER GEORGE JAMIL

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    SEE: This is SAMMY ANY TWO GEORGE! This man is a thief, a liar, a criminal! This man is BANKRUPT and his illusion of wealth is based on the money that he scammed from various investors! These investors have given this man MILLIONS of pounds/euros for investments that quite simply did not exist! This arabian man will pose as a true christian and try to befriend you but BEWARE!!! His sole goal is to take all of your money and go to the casinos and act like a wealthy businessman and gamble your investment away! This man has no morals, no code of conduct, no remorse! So steer clear of SAMER JAMIL GEORGE and his business AL-SAMAWA GROUP PLC as this is nothing more than a blatant scam! The true scale of this mans criminal behaviour will soon be all over the internet for all to see when SAMMY THE SNAKE is brought to justice! GOD
    This is a warning regarding the poker player SAMMY ANY TWO GEORGE, real name SAMER JAMIL GEORGE. This man poses as a successful businessman and a multi millionaire but beware. This man is well known to the police for various frauds (including over 500k from Tottenham hotspur player Jermaine jenas) and last year he declared himself bankrupt so that it was pointless for many investors to take civil action as this man does not own a thing. But now many investors are taking out criminal proceedings with a view to sending this man SAMMY GEORGE to prison. He is a very slick operator who will win your confidence with investment deals that offer unbelievable returns (AL-SAMAWA GROUP PLC). This man has stolen from friends and family alike so please take our advice and do not fall victim to this criminal like we did as you will lose everything.
    This is a WARNING to all those that may come into contact with SAMMY ANY TWO GEORGE! This man will attempt to befriend you with guile and charm and pose as a true Christian but BEWARE! This man is a thief and a liar who’s intentions are to relieve you of all your money with false investments with promises of unbelievable returns… This is far from the truth! This man has been investigated for fraud and theft and has already been taken to the high court for fraud against various investors! So please beware and be prepared if this man approaches you for investments as you will lose all your money! His wealth is based on stolen money from victims such as us so beware. The full story of this mans fraud will be all over the internet in a couple of months when his reign of terror shall come to an abrupt end!

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