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  • Свадебная прическа на средние волосы. Wedding prom hairstyles

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    This hairstyle is perfect for medium length hair.
    Section hair from the left side parting across the top of the head to the front of the right ear. Quarters of the first section forward to create a twist and hold securely with fingers.Starting with fingers hold the twist firmly and pull out the top layers of the twist to expand.Repeat the twist on the remaining sections creating a ” fluffy” twisted design.Work a circular design . Twist the back section of the hair farward in the same manner as you can see in video. If you need more volume, you can add it by pulling a little bit hair from each twist you made. At the end you can spray your hairstyle with hairspray and add some hairgrips as needed.
    Автор идеи и прически – Склемина Татьяна

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